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OIL Traders International
By Aleksei Tarasov | Published  04/15/2009 | Partnership search | Unrated
Trading Russian petroleum products

OIL Traders International, LLC. is able to facilitate the purchase of practically any quantity of Russian oil and petroleum products. All of the company’s clients in the United States are end consumers of fuel. OIL Traders International, LLC., headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, is ready to purchase from major Russian energy producers oil and petroleum products in very large volumes. With extensive connections in the U.S. fuel industry, OIL Traders International, LLC. is prepared to market the products of Russian oil companies in America. The company is capable of making large transactions directly with Russian oil producers and provide payments on contracts in full without delays. OIL Traders International, LLC. is ready to arrange for the pickup and shipment of fuel from storage facilities at any world port in a timely fashion. The company has contracts with terminals, transportation companies, and tank farms in the U.S.

The oil industry of Russia is one of the largest in the world. Russia holds the biggest reserves of natural gas. Russia is the second largest oil and coal exporter. The Russian Federation is the third biggest consumer of energy resources in the world. For the first 11 months of 2008, international export sales of Russian oil and energy products amounted to USD 288 billion. 

In 2008, Russian companies exported more than 221 million tons of crude oil, generating over USD 151 billion in revenues. The value of petroleum products exports from Russia stood at around USD 78 billion. The export volume for refined products was close to 115 million tons. Export volumes of diesel fuel exceeded 35 million tons, with an estimated value of USD 32 billion. Additionally, more than 61 million tons of mazut was exported.

With respect to Russia’s energy exports to the United States, the value of last year’s supply of oil products to America reached USD 17 billion. During the first month of 2009, this figure was USD 748 million.

Even with these positive trends, the world’s financial crisis has also affected the oil industry of the Russian Federation. In January of 2009, the export of oil in Russia decreased by 3.4 percent (to 20.5 million tons) compared to last year’s figure. The share of oil in the total volume of Russia’s exports in January stood at 35.2%. With regards to energy exports, fuel products comprised 52.1% of the total. In January of this year, Russia’s export of oil was 2.8 percent less than in December of 2008. In January 2009, oil production in the Russian Federation decreased by 0.8 percent (to 41 million tons) compared to January of 2008.

OIL Traders International, LLC. is able to facilitate the purchase of practically any quantity of Russian oil and petroleum products. All of the company’s clients in the United States are end consumers of fuel. Largest American airlines, cargo transporters, and trucking companies have great demands for oil and petroleum products originating in Russia.           

At OIL Traders International, LLC. we are committed to providing the highest quality of service in purchasing petroleum products. OIL Traders International, LLC. is focused on providing ultimate customer satisfaction. OIL Traders International, LLC. is engaged in the purchase of a number of different types of fuel, including:

• D2- Diesel Gas Oil - Gost 305-82

• Jet Fuel - JP54 and A1

• Mazut 100

• Iraqi Crude Oil - ILCO

• Russian Crude Oil - REBCO

• Saudi Light Crude - SLCO

• Ultra Light Sulphur Diesel - ULSD

Our dedication to excellence in research and analysis, professional trading, and operations management represent a combined 35 years of hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry. 

OIL Traders International, LLC. maintains active relations with major oil companies and direct seller mandates, including PDVSA (Venezuela), PMEX (Mexico), ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia), Gazprom (Russian Federation), NOC (Lybia), Chesapeake, Devon Energy, Shell, Rutherford Oil Corporation, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Inc., and Singapore Airlines (U.S.). The company also has extensive business and political connections around the world.

Depending upon our client’s objectives, OIL Traders International, LLC. will employ state-of-the-art technologies and take a personal approach for meeting the desired goals. The principals of OIL Traders International, LLC. understand the importance of face-to-face negotiations.

The staff of OIL Traders International, LLC. is very sensitive to addressing all legal issues presented in contracts negotiated on our clients’ behalf to insure the highest level of customer protection.

OIL Traders International, LLC is always striving to expand its commercial relationships, open new horizons, and find new opportunities. We look forward to creating lasting business ties to guarantee mutually-rewarding cooperation.  

OIL Traders International, LLC., is also ready to offer its Russian partners a unique technology of refining slop. The process would allow recovering a very high percentage percent of crude oil from slop. OIL Traders International LLC. is currently building a plant for processing slop in the state of Oklahoma.

Other areas of interest of OIL Traders International, LLC. include drill pipe, casing and tubing, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, as well as Russian diamonds.

OIL Traders International LLC., takes an active role in supporting Russian-American cultural events and sister-city relationships.      

The company will be willing to consider any proposals of long-term mutually-rewarding cooperation.

Address: 100 Park Avenue, 7th floor

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Office: 770-861-1706

           (Lyn W. Anglin, President)


Russian: 405-701-0471


Internet site: www.oilti.com


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