What Is Christian Bridge International?


"We will work to help millions of Slavic people enjoy a spiritually rich Christian life to its fullest; to unite Russian and American Christians in a common prayer in the name of Christ."

What Is Christian Bridge International

Christian Bridge Internationa, founded by Mikhail Morgulis, is one of the oldest nonprofit Slavic missions in the United States. It is a Russian-American team of Christians who are working to facilitate American Christians' contacts with believers in the former Soviet Union. The mission of Christian Bridge is rooted in the commitment to share the best of American Christianity with the people of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).




Spiritual Diplomacy is one of the active underlying principles of Christian Bridge. In regular or professional diplomatic efforts, whether in business or in government, the parties act solely to advance their own interests. Love presupposes taking actions that also consider the interests of others. Spiritual Diplomacy is diplomacy as we know it strengthened by love. It is diplomacy with the addition of the New Testament of Love.

What can protect life on Earth? Tolerance! What is the most difficult thing God asks us to do? To love other people!

It is not easy to find in oneself this capacity for love now, and it is ever more difficult to act upon it. And yet, it is God's great and foremost commandment that we display Love and Tolerance in our worldwide relations with one another.

Love gives birth to tolerance. And, if there is more tolerance and love between nations and between individuals we will be able to cure the bleeding wounds of our times.

Who will help us in this? Many diplomats and other concerned people are doing the best they can to achieve this dream of a better and safer tomorrow, but they can't do it alone. Only God can give a person the gift of sincere and compassionate love and a sincere desire for peace. God's words about the power of love are expressed in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8, 13.

Spiritual Diplomacy allows us to build bridges between individuals, groups, businesses and governments.




Mikhail Morgulis, founder of CBI, is a well-known writer in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and throughout the CIS countries. While still living in the Soviet Union, he was awarded the First Prize in Literature by the communist government in 1972. He underwent a spiritual transformation to become a prominent Christian leader who in 1987 was the first to broadcast Christian programs on state-owned radio stations .inside the USSR. Prior to that his message was heard on many Christian radio programs in the world, and millions of believers and nonbelievers in the CIS are familiar with his voice. In 1991, he led a delegation of well-known American Christians to Moscow to visit the Supreme Soviet (Parliament), the Council of Ministers, the KGB and the Kremlin. There, for the first time in history, Morgulis prayed in front of KGB generals and other senior officers. In the Kremlin, where the delegation was received by Mikhail Gorbachev, he also prayed, and President Gorbachev prayed with him.

Mikhail Morgulis, with help from friends, has published more than a hundreds titles of Christian books in Russian translation. He is well connected with numerous notable people in government and business in America and Russia not to mention his connections within the Christian world. He has helped American Christian businessmen make important connections in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries. He has spearheaded humanitarian efforts for those in need in the CIS such as orphans, the homeless, the children of imprisoned women in Mozhaisk, families of the Kursk tragedy and, more recently, families that lost their children in the Beslan terrorist attack to mention only a few.




1: We can provide quality translation and publication of books and brochures your pastor or evangelist would like to use in evangelistic efforts in CIS countries. We can help you distribute them in Russian churches, schools, universities and in the Army. We can also help your business in the same way with translation, publication and distribution to the intended recipients.


2: We can assist you in producing radio and/or TV programs or advertisements on the basis of your materials and help you find reasonably priced air time for broadcasting them in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.


3: We can find a sister church in Russia for your church to build personal friendships, share the joy of unity in Christ with Russian Christians, and enrich each other spiritually.


4: We can help you find and strengthen reliable business contacts if you look forward to doing business with the newly opened markets in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries.


5: We can organize your delegation's/team's trip anywhere in the CIS with the backing of the government. Assistance in purchasing discount air tickets, as well as in lodging and travel arrangements in Russia, can be provided. A series of Christian meetings or discussions could be organized in churches, schools, universities, orphanages, as well as visitations to orphanages, prisons and nursing homes.


6: If you have an important spiritual, diplomatic or practical agenda to share with leaders in CIS countries we could assure that you meet with major decision-makers in these countries.




Our goal is to bring the resurrected and glorified Christ into every spiritually hungry heart. We are determined to use our time, talents and resources for this great purpose. We will work to help millions of Slavic people enjoy a spiritually rich Christian life in its fullest; to unite Russian and American Christians in a common prayer in the name of Christ. Our dream is that Russia would become a truly Christian nation. Our prayers and ministry are dedicated to that goal.

We work as your middleman.

Christian Bridge International will build a bridge between your church or Christian organization and Russian Christians, between your business in America and Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries, between your heart and the hearts of your brothers and sisters across the ocean.

Christ is the One Who unites us! May He bless you as you work to hasten His kingdom!







P.O. Box 88334

Carol Stream, IL 60188


Phone: 630-690-0726

Fax: 630-510-9570

Email: bridgeusa@aol.com


Donations to the ministry of CHRISTIAN BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL would be greatly appreciated. This would enable us to continue with the humanitarian projects in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries.

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