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Russian-American Business magazine offers reliable, in-depth information on businesses in Russia, featuring exclusive content and data resources. Looking at current market conditions from the standpoint of a business decision-maker, Russian-American Business magazine helps its readers stay current on important events and the inside workings of Russia’s economic and political system, open up new opportunities, as well as connect with the U.S.-Russia business world. The magazine explores the connections between Russian and American private and public sector entities in business, finance, logistics, science, and technology. The editorial staff of Russian-American Business magazine makes it a point to address the full gamut of issues a company would encounter in launching sustainable bilateral commerce.


Nominated for the prestigious Silver Archer award in Global Communication, Russian-American Business provides the ideas, analysis, and research data American business leaders need to get ahead in their Russian ventures. Award-winning news coverage and deep analysis offer a global perspective to help senior executives profit from quicker and thought-out decisions. The magazine introduces senior-level players in Russian-American affairs to new ideas and individuals that are bound to influence the way they do commerce.


While news is abundant these days, a well-briefed review of industrial, commercial, and political topics of great complexity, backed by trusted data sources and precise numbers, is still extremely valued and hard to come by. Russian-American Business gives its audience a future-oriented perspective of international scope that has no comparison.


Each quarter in its print, web, and ISSUU editions, Russian-American Business examines various sectors of the Russian economy and areas of U.S.-Russian trade, including automobile manufacturing, aviation & shipping, banking & finance, chemical, construction, defense & military, economy, energy & power, food service & agriculture, forestry, government relations, insurance, IT & telecommunications, law enforcement, metals & mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, regional & social development, as well as retail trade, to assist our readers in making their business in Russia profitable.


The magazine’s network of opinion-leading experts brings to you high-caliber analytical pieces that shed light on key trends, market developments, and experts’ insights. Advertising against Russian-American Business magazine’s professional analytical information and news coverage is sure to connect you with the right people in Russian-American business circles.


In the U.S., each targeted edition reaches over five thousand executives, government decision makers, think tank analysts, and trade professions. In addition to senators, congressmen, and diplomats, the magazine’s readership includes CEO’s, presidents, chairmen, business owners, technical specialists, and other titled professionals.


The readers of Russian-American Business magazine visit the magazine’s website to access searchable back issues for over 10 years, view a calendar of conferences with participants from Russia and the U.S., and use the transactional database to search business deals and investments by company, industry, type, and date. The online resource also provides practical tools and techniques, serving as a forum for addressing emerging trends, examining case studies, and sharing the lessons learned from doing business between Russia and the United States.